Off Road Single Event Licence Application

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Personal Details

Please upload a photo to be used on your licence.* The photo should be cropped to show just your face like a normal licence or passport photo.
Use the cropping tool on the right side once uploaded, to resize and reposition your photo (Please note no hats or sunglasses).

Once you have repositioned your image, please ensure you click the blue Crop Image button.
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Example replacement.
Ensure your face can be clearly seen.

Medical Information

Disclaimers & Payment


  • 1/ I certify that the statements made regarding my psychological and physical condition and any previous illness are true and accurate.
  • 2/ I understand that I will not use any drug considered illegal.
  • 3/ I authorize any hospital or medical practitioner to furnish information relevant to my medical condition to a Medical Assessor in order to determine competition fitness.

Competency Declaration by Club/ Organization or Individual.
This applicant is recommended by Club/ Organization/ Individual who is personally known to AASA

 I declare that all information provided for the purposes of this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that in providing false or misleading information my licence may be suspended or cancelled, and I may not be afforded the coverage of the Personal Accident and Injury insurance provided under the AASA Insurance Scheme. I agree to comply with the AASA National Competition Rules at all times when participating in a AASA Sanctioned Event.
Price: $ 70.00
Transaction Fee: $ 1.56

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