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 I agree to refrain from participating in any motor sport events except touring events if I am aware that I am or may be pregnant, and to abide by AASA’s HSE policy regulations.
 I hereby declare I have read the questions above and that the answers I have given are to the best of my belief true, correct and complete in every detail. I further declare that I have not withheld any information or made any statements which are calculated to conceal any reason that could result in the refusal of this licence. I confirm I am aware that if any of the answers given above are affected by any event which might occur during the currency of the licence issued as result of this medical examination I will report such alterations to Australian Auto-Sport Alliance Pty Ltd. forthwith. I undertake not to use any drugs or medication which could have the capacity of affecting my driving ability within 48 hours of my competition and formally agree I will submit to any testing for drugs as may be considered to be justified by any Australian Auto-Sport Alliance Pty Ltd. appointed doctor. I hereby give my full authority to Australian Auto-Sport Alliance Pty Ltd. medical officers to obtain information from relevant clinical records, x-ray and pathology reports from my doctor if required to support this application

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